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Author Many 26oz for sale: USSSA & ASA stamp
6/20/2016  at 12:34:45 PM
All bats are shipped with a Lizard Skin or Vulcan Grip and a Grip n Rip.

Z2000 RI Balanace - shaved and titanium sleeved. Maybe 50 swings on it. 26oz sticker. Small pebble rattle. $250.00 shipped

27oz J3A - shaved. Bat is fire. $300.00 shipped.

26oz Painted Senior Lightning as a ASA Worth Fulk - Sticker 26oz. Maybe 10 swings on it. $375.00 shipped.


2016 DeMarini CL-22. Shaved. Zero swings on bat. $250 shipped.

2016 26oz DC-41 - Agggressive shave, roll and game ready service from WHB. $300.00

2013 Easton L1 - Shaved and rolled. 26oz sticker. Bat in excellent shape. $200.00 shipped.

z4000+ Pinky 25.5oz sticker - Rolled, shaved game ready service from WHB. Maybe 10 swings on it. $300 shipped.

Dual Stamp:
2014 True One - Shaved, Rolled, game ready service from WHB - $250.00 shipped.

email me if interested. or text me (914) 216-9821.
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 Chi town show
6/21/2016  at 2:38:14 PM
Lol....over priced take this shit to ebay
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6/28/2016  at 7:18:05 AM
All have been sold. Thank you everybody.
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