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Author Picasso Ultra 2 conversion for sale
 Post # 1
7/1/2017  at 12:56:46 PM
I've got a Picasso Og Ultra 2 converted to Miken Superfreak 98. The bat has not been used and is in mint condition. Bat needs to go. Bought for $450. Looking for $400 or best offer. Please let me know with any questions.
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7/27/2017  at 7:52:32 PM
Please send pics
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8/7/2017  at 8:06:19 AM
Is bat still available?
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 Post # 9
9/12/2017  at 9:47:42 PM
Are you still selling this bat? What is the weight?
Michael Carvalho
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4/17/2018  at 11:33:21 AM
Is this still available I�m interested.
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