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Author Adidas Melee painted as Easton Salvo
 Post # 75
2/27/2018  at 8:09:46 PM
Brand new Adidas Melee 27oz converted to a Easton Salvo. Very nice and clean. Chemical transfer decals. Same pop and distance as an Ultra just better durability. Bat is brand new. Any questions please feel free to ask.
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2/28/2018  at 8:42:10 AM
how much

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 Post # 76
3/4/2018  at 11:30:40 AM
$375 shipped USPS Priority Mail
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3/15/2018  at 2:49:39 PM
Do you still have the bat? Can you send a pic?
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 Post # 77
3/18/2018  at 9:04:47 AM
I have plenty of pics. You have an email address? Or email me at
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3/25/2018  at 12:31:59 PM
Please send pics of the bat. Does it have a serial number and what weight is it? Issa thumb print stamp?
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