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Author 7and3 COED TOURNY SEPT. 3RD
 Bama Havoc
 Post # 49
8/17/2011  at 5:54:32 PM
7 and 3 co-ed tourny Sept. 3rd in Ft.Payne, Al. at the Ft. Payne Sports Complex. Can play it 7&3,8&4,or6&4. Must hav 4 girls battin to bat 8 guys. must hav 3 girls playing the field at all times .. 0 to 10 homeruns call at the plate. Guys can hit any 44/400 ball and swing any legal bat (no titaniums or ultras guys) Ladies can hit and swing any bat or ball. Will hav only 1 umpire per field until championship game. Home team will keep book. NO SMOKING, NO COOLERS allowed inside the park , do what u want outside the gates lol..$200.00 entry fee... Prizes will be 1st 500.00, 2nd bat ,3rd bat, this is based on 15 teams prizes will go up if more teams enter ...wil also be a homerun derby from the pitchin mound $5 to enter , winner gets half the pot money...gonna be a good turn out get in while you enter a team or for more info. text or call jack jones 256-996-5613 ..this will be a double elimination tourny.. takin teams till sept. 1st at noon,,,games will start at 9 am sept 3rd...also no pick ups unless that person has not played a game all day,,no exceptions WILL BE NSA RULES APPLIED
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