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Author 4GG Men & Coed Fall Classic-Oct 15, Bart
10/4/2011  at 2:05:55 PM
4GG Fall Classic
Men's & Women's Divisions
Location: Bartlett, TN (Appling Fields)
Entry Fee: $175
3 Homeruns then, out! Can buy 2 more each game for $5 each or Hit 5 all day for $20 with paid entry fee.

Hit any legal association bat except for: Ultra's, Sr's, Lady Virus, etc.
Hit any .44/400 ball or lower
Hit 12 any time
COED (will switch balls)
One courtesy runner per inning per gender

Run Rule: 15 after 3, 10 after 5
Game time: 55 minutes, no new inning after 50 minutes except for tournament play.
1-1 count with courtesy

Prizes: TBD based on number of teams who enter!

To enter or for more information, contact Shane Boozer @ 901-647-5636 or email shaneboozer@

Thanks in advance to the teams and fans who will come out and support one of the last tournaments of the year! It should be a good one!

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