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Author Holiday Softball Specials-Hock Sports
 Ron Hock
 Post # 109
11/26/2011  at 4:24:12 PM
Hock Sport's Holiday 12 inch Softball Specials While They last
Trump Rock ASA(44/375), ISA(44/375), NSA(44/400), USSSA (Clas M) - now $49.99 per dozen
Evil ASA(44/375), ISA(44/375), NSA(44/400), USSSA(Clas M) - now $49.99 per dozen
Dudley ZN -ASA(44/375), and USSSA Stadium(47/450), Classic M, and Home Run(47/525) - now $44.95
Dudley Thunder Advanced (Red Stitch 44/375-NO ASA STAMP) - now $48.95
Order online at Or call toll free at 877-252-4459 M-F 830am until 4pm CST
Ron Hock
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