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Author $1000 Tournament
 Mike Murphy
7/7/2006  at 11:44:12 AM
$1000 Tournament
We will be holding our 2nd Tournament of the year on July 29th. We are expecting it to be our biggest tournament of the year. ($1000 to the winner)
When: July 29th
Location: Brunswick, Ga
HR rule: 5 to 8 low bid
Balls: Any 44 core
1. Boo Koo, Brunswick
2. Forest Park Church of Christ, Valdosta
3. IHOP, Brunswick
4. Longhorns, Waycross
5. Frozen Ropes, Baxley
6. Evolution, Florida
7. AquaTek/Stacker 2/ XXL
8. Millpond, South Carolina
9. BPX Crushers
We will be taking the first 12 teams, so try to get in early.
Call Andy at 912-577-6212 or Mike at 912-266-1193

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