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Author Softball Death
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4/30/2010  at 2:21:04 PM
This past Saturday, a tragic accident took place during a softball tournament in Loudoun County. One of our teammates was struck by a line drive while pitching. Unfortunately he passed a few hours later. George was a husband, father of 6, a teammate and a humanitarian that used his abilities to help those who couldn...'t help themselves. Below is the local news article:

In response to this accident, I have created an online petition to make helmets mandatory for base runners and helmets/masks mandatory for pitchers. Though George would want us to continue to play the game that we all love, he would want this tragic accident to save lives on the field in the future. Please take a look and sign the petition if you agree. I ask that you pass to this to all softball players, family or friends as well. Something needs to be done to protect the players and the families that love them.
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