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Author 3 days of specials from Hock Sports
 Ron Hock
 Post # 54
9/20/2010  at 1:35:16 PM
Softball players,
Here are a few specials I am offering for the next three days(September 20-22) . Supplies are limited on some items so its a first come first serve. Shipping is extra and tax is only applied for orders shipped in Florida. Please forward this on to your friends and teammates. Thank you. Our toll free number is 877-252-4459 and out of USA you can reach us at (850) 243-9574.
Slowpitch Softball Bats
Combat Derby Boys-26 and 28 oz-$139.95
Combat JM26 Woods 27 oz only-$249.95
Easton SCX2 Synergy Remake-27 or 28 oz -$139.95
Easton Synergy Speed SRV4 30 oz only-$229.95
Easton SCN18BH Brett Helmer Synergy Trizone 28 oz (1)-$229.95
Easton SCN17 Stealth Trizone 27 oz(1), 28 oz (2)-$229.96
Worth MAY120 Mayhem Green Bugger-27 + 28 oz -$169.95
Worth BJ Fulk Mayhem-26 and 28 oz-$179.95
Worth Greg Cornell Mayhem -28 oz only-$179.95
Jak'd Blackout-27/28 oz-$239.95
Mizuno Craze USSSA 26, 27, 28 oz-$131.95
Miken Denny Crine Psychos-26-28 oz-$198.95
Miken Freak Limited Edition MSFLE-26-28 oz-$179.95
Miken Freak Plus Various sizes-$179.95
2010 Miken MSPFU Psycho Flex 26-28 oz-$199.95 Limited supply
2011 Miken MV3MU MAXLOAD Softball Bats 27 or 28 oz-$219.95 One of each
Fastpitch Bats
Easton SSR3B-(-10)31-34 inch-$244.95
2010 Demarini CF4 Hope-(-10) 31-34 inch-$239.95
2011 Demarini CF4-(-10) 31-33 inch-$249.95
Worth FPTOX (-10) 32/33 inch-$229.95
Miken MV3 (-10 and minus 12) various sizes-$199.95
Miken MFEHT Epic (-10)-various sizes -$179.95
Miken MFRL Rain (-10)-Various sizes-$179.95
Combat Virus Morphed VIMPI(-10) 31-33-$169.95-One each
Evil 12 inch Classic M's-$52.95 per dozen
Trump Rock 11 inch Classic W-$46.95
Trump Rock 11 inch ASA 44/375-$46.95
Ron Hock

Ron Hock
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